“For all that we have in common, each of us is unique.” – Dr. Braidfoot

Dr. R. Blake Braidfoot is entirely committed to a profession that is physically and mentally demanding, and does so because of his sincerely held belief that it is a privilege to work with children.

As with other areas of medicine, dentistry is dynamic. It must seek and apply the most current, scientifically established information to well-established principles of care. It must be practiced in a manner which improves the overall condition for the individual, which begins with recognizing his or her unique circumstances and specific values. 

Though “temporary,” a child’s first teeth are essential to general health. And good oral healthcare practices established early will be of value throughout all phases of life. Understanding the variety of factors influencing a healthy balance, and the measures sometimes needed to establish this healthy balance, requires a broad skill-set. When appropriately developed with the individual young person, that sense of familiarity fosters confidence and responsibility that extends to many. Dr. Braidfoot and his entire staff value the direct exchanges with patients and their families as the best way for us to learn about each, and for each to benefit from the service provided. This is contemporary dentistry, and it is about more than “just” teeth.

Dr. Braidfoot attended Temple University School of Dentistry from 2000 to 2004, earning his Doctorate of Dental Medicine. He continued on at Temple University Hospital's Episcopal Division for a two-year residency training program for pediatric dentistry, during which he served as Chief resident in his second year. Dr. Braidfoot maintains BCLS and PALS certifications, and annually attends the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry review courses. He is an active member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association.

Born in Dallas, TX, but raised in Nashville, TN, Hattiesburg, MS, Birmingham, AL, Philadelphia, PA, and Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Braidfoot has made his home in the DFW area since 2008. He met his wife during his residency training program for pediatric dentistry. She is also a pediatric dentist. Dr. Blaidfoot and his wife have two sons, both of whom have taught them as much about their profession as did their training. Most of Dr. Braidfoot’s free time between managing two pediatric dental offices and trips to grocery stores goes to time with grandparents and the playground at Bradfield.

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